Runwaytohope's Family Assistance Program


Runway to Hope provides direct assistance that is desperately needed by children and families affected by pediatric cancer. For these families, the promise of a future cure isn't enough. They need help today. When a child is diagnosed with cancer, the entire family suffers. Often one parent has to quit work to care for the child, dramatically reducing the family's income. Medical expenses and other bills mount quickly; the stress can overwhelm parents and children alike.

Runway to Hope partners with other local non-profit organizations to create a network of support for these families. Your contribution may buy a gas card that allows a mother to visit her sick child in the hospital, lunch for a family who can no longer afford meals in the hospital cafeteria, or keep the lights on in the home of a family caring for a child with cancer. The needs are endless and solely funded by philanthropy. With the support from our community, Runway to Hope can continue to provide the necessary assistance for these brave children and their families.

This past year in 2016, Runway to Hope was so thankful we were able to assist 64 families and granted over $63,000 in assistance. Compared to 2015, we assisted 38 families and granted over $33,000 dollars. This program has made leaps and bounds in assisting families and we can only hope we can continue to lift this financial burden. As of right now, our program is growing rapidly with the amount of families applying. We have already doubled the amount of applications in 2017 and the year is still young. This program is only possible by your help! These families need your help more than ever and we hope you will continue to help us end childhood cancer.


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